Snow Removal

Using the Right Equipment for the Job:

  • Surgent has over 15 years  practical experience and has developed a formula for success.
  • Our tools have made us more effective and efficient when it comes to servicing your property.
  • We use the right equipment for the project, and every project is different.
  • Loaders w/pushers, Backhoes w/pushers, Skidsteers w/pushers, and late model Plow trucks are partial list of what makes our system work.


Loaders with snow pushers make clearing 2” of snow to 3’ of snow a breeze. They allow for instant stacking of snow, without having to remove the pusher first. Snow pushers increase efficiency by 5 times over the traditional methods used today. This type of loader will accommodate a pusher in size from 14’ - 18’ plus.

Backhoe Loaders

Much like the loaders above, Backhoe’s work well in small parking lots and plaza’s where placing a large loader just won’t fit. They will accommodate a 10’ - 16’ pusher depending on the size of the machine and can pile it high with little to no effort. Often used throughout the day to aid in clearing parking lots during business hours.

Skidsteer Loader

Again, like the machines above but smaller and more agile. This machine can clean out loading docks, do walkways and pile snow. Because of its size, it allows you to manipulate it into areas where nothing else can fit. It also has several attachments that can be added to increase the amount of work it can do.

Plow Trucks

Getting the best equipment instead of “the best priced” equipment is what sets us apart from the rest. Constant maintenance and upgrades to equipment ensures that when you call, we will be there. Our fleet of primarily late model Ford trucks will always meet the expectations of our customers.

“V” Box Spreaders

One of the most efficient pieces of equipment used in anti-icing applications to date. Our V box spreaders carry from 6 to 10 tons of anti-icing materials (salt & liquid calcium). This allows for broader coverage and more time de-icing, not refilling. They have a spread width of 5 to 35 feet, allowing for excellent coverage either on the roadways or the parking lots

Surgent Construction was able to make our dreams come true. They understood exactly what we envisioned and built it flawlessly. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, perfection...! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to our project.

- Roberto & Jenna